Sir Ernest Bazanye.

It is DAY TWO of the #AugustRush blogging challenge by Uganda blogging community and we were asked to review our favorite blog or bloggers. Having been torn between Bazanye and Biko Zulu, I decided to go with Bazanye. For reasons like ‘I have read/known Bazanye longer’ , ‘Bubu’ and other such reasons.

I love Bazanye blogs and I love Bikozulu blogs. Ernest Bazanye is a Ugandan blogger and newspaper columnist while Bikozulu … well everyone knows Biko, right. Okay if you don’t; Biko zulu is one of the best and most consistent Kenyan bloggers of all (my living) time.

Back to Bazanye, I started reading his articles in Sunday Vision magazine over ten years ago in high school probably. He wrote a humorous column titled ‘Ernest Bazanye’s Bad Idea.’ It ranged from social commentary, to political sarcasm, travel, personal life (I remember one he wrote about his roommate – a lizard), diary writing to talking about two boys ‘Chandler and Fraiser’. I read his articles religiously, had fun and kept a file book of them that I would read again in my free time.

I just loved the man’s sense of humour and how it came off so naturally. His book, Bazanye’s Bad Idea is one of the earliest books I bought. I as internet got to me, I found out he had a blog on blogspot, then another one and another. But the one I love most was, which he did with other writers.

I admired Bazanye’s style; satire, humor, lively and vivid. Friends at the first media house I wrote for said I write a bit like him, but that’s a story for another day! I also admire the fact that Bazanye has been written continuously to date. I believe he is one of the most prolific bloggers and gifted writers in Uganda and East Africa.  And he is my fav blogger.

Bazanye’s latest post

I have since become a fan of other blogs and bloggers but I make sure to check his blogs out to see whatsup? He now blogs at, here , the nevision website, nilepost website and others. He is also Twitter as @bazanye.

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