A Recap of Day Three of the @PALFA2019Kampala Conference

By Nakitto Irene Day three marked the final day of the 11th Pan African Literacy For All Conference that has been happening at Serena Kampala Hotel since 20th August 2019.  The conference has had representation from over forty countries across the globe and over 100 papers presented. So what did day three have? The workshops…

Inclusive Education: A Key in Literacy Equity – A keynote Address by Dr. Mohammad Malik Sakil at the 11th PAN Literacy For All Conference 2019.

By Nakitto Irene. Today marked day two of the #palfa2019 conference. This is a 3-day conference taking place in Kampala with participation from over 40 countries. It is a literacy conference running under the theme: Literacy: a bridge to equity.  Today we had many paper presentations some highlights being a paper on continuous professional development…

We tell our children; ‘Do not speak vernacular’. Isn’t English Vernacular?

We need to review what we mean by access to basic education, we should think of strengthening the formal systems to deliver curriculum content to in languages that support the ability to read and write but also to respond to the environment. We need to let our children have faith in the local language by letting them speak in their local languages. The curriculum should be about literacy development and we should give them even more to cater for their needs for tomorrow. We should give them the skills to organize their ideas, for them to survive, advance in life and support their families.

Bayimba by Day: Meet Isaac Ochiruchan – one of the backup dancers of Gravity Omutujju at the Bayimba 2019 Festival of the Arts.

Dance dance is covering our roof, dance is the one bringing food to our table, it provides shelter and clothing. We have a member who has a child and their child is in school and we as a group give a percentage of the school fees.
…We performed at Bebe Cool’s Golden Heart Concert last year and some of our girls featured in Sheebah Karungi’s Omwoyo concert. We are featured in some of Uganda’s biggest music videos: Pallaso’s Wine and Wine, Bebe Cool’s Ntidemu…

Call for submissions: The Nalubaale Review

Originally posted on The Nalubaale Review Literary Magazine:
ABOUT THE NALUBAALE REVIEW Nalubaale Review is an online literary magazine, will be published twice a year as themed issues. Content will be poems, short stories, articles, photo essays from African writers and artists. The magazine aims to promote African literature and culture and will showcase Literature…


by Nakitto Irene The 3rd Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies (EALCS) Conference will take place at the University of Dar el Salaam from 24th – 26th August. The key highlights of the conference are the keynote addresses from Africa’s finest literary scholars and with participants from South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, UK and…


The novel, Zura Maids is written by Eunice Apio, a human rights advocate and is about the plague of human trafficking which is becoming a plague in Uganda. The novel is about a young refugee girl who is deceived and whisked away from a refugee camp to be taken ‘overseas’ for greener pastures. However, the promised land is far from reach when the young girl gets caught up in a web of mafias, liars and deception and she realizes how mythical her destination is. This book could not have come at a better time since in Uganda, any girls (and boys) are sold into ‘slavery’ in the middle east under the disguise of employment.


I have keen an interest in the kind of art, tales, words, and decorations people put on their cars. Because, as I have this says a lot about them, their lives, upbringing, life motto’s and religions.  some people love their cars as if it’s their better half and their whole lives rotates around their cars….


Since it is #Ugblogweek, I thought I should share my thoughts on who should have won the Nobel On my side of the world. 1. Eminem. WHY. Really? Yes, because of ‘When am Gone, Sing for the Moment, L… Source: ARTISTS WHO SHOULD HAVE WON THE NOBEL #UgBlogWeek Day3